Conditions of sale B2B


The present General Conditions of Online Sale govern the sale and purchase contracts B2B executed through electronic means, of the products presented on the Web Site property of PREZIOSA DI STORRI E OKULICZ SRL – with registered office in AREZZO, Via G. Ferraris, 252/A - 52100 - ITALY, entered in the Register of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo-AR-169258, vat IT02200160519 - Cap. soc. 10.000,00€ int vers.

The present General Conditions of Online Sale are governed by the rules on electronic commerce (D. lgs. no. 70/2003) and by the Italian law and shall apply only to sales via the Internet (Online Sales), in which the buyer is a person who purchases for reasons of business or professional purposes and not for personal reasons, as defined in art. (1) (b) of this Agreement.

PREZIOSA DI STORRI E OKULICZ SRL is available to provide, by telephone, to Customers, as defined below, any clarification regarding the content of these General Conditions of Sale Online.

1. Definitions

In the present General Conditions of Sale the following definitions:


- The customer is any natural or legal person who is acting for their own account or in the name and for the account of a company, entity, association, freelancer in possession of a valid VAT number.

- The General conditions of Sale Online are regulations that govern the contract of sale signed by the Seller and the Customer through the use of the Web Site

- Contract the General Conditions of Sale Online.

- Site or Web Site means the Web Site belonging to Seller, in which the Customer can make a purchase online.

- Purchase order means the purchase order sent by the Customer through the use of the Website of the Seller referred to one or more products, through the use of the order procedure indicated on the web Site and in the art. 5 of this agreement.

- Confirmation of order is the message that is sent by e-mail from the Seller with which it communicates to the Client the acceptance of the Purchase Order.

- Product or Products are the products described in this Web Site can be purchased by the Customer.


2. The object of the contract


- Sale online. The present General Conditions of Online Sale apply to all Orders for the purchase of Products through the use of the Web Site made by Customers, as defined above in art. 1 (b)).

- The object of the contract is the purchase and sale of Gold jewelry with securities 375 and 585 and Silver with a minimum millesimal fineness of 925, which the Seller puts on sale on the Website


3. Products

Description Products : For every Product you can view an information sheet with one or more images and the characteristics of the product.

- The information on the products can undergo changes and improvements over time, without this constituting element of the claim.

- The Seller may remove and/or replace the products described on the Site at any time without notice.

- The Minimum Order Amount is € 1,000.00 and 5 pieces / per item (gold and silver)


4. Prices

- The prices of the Products included in the fact sheets are expressed in Euro and are exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise indicated.

- Change in the price of the product. The prices of the products published on the Site may be updated and therefore may be subject to change. The Customer will buy the products at the price published on the Site at the time of submission of the order. The changes do not constitute an element of dispute, and are related to the price of manufacture, thus excluding the Precious Metal.

- Promotions. The Seller reserves the right to practice promotions different depending on, for example, categories of products, the products themselves, seasonality of Customer profiling, etc

- Shipping and payment. The prices of the products indicated in the fact sheets do not include the cost of shipping, and those connected with the mode of payment chosen, which are identified and calculated on the basis of the place of delivery and the mode of payment chosen at the time of the order, which the Customer takes vision first to provide for the forwarding of the order. Unless otherwise indicated, the delivery costs of the products and the expenses related to the mode of payment are entirely the responsibility of the Customer.

- Change Prices and shipping costs depending on the country of delivery. The price of the Product and the shipping costs may vary depending on the Country of delivery of the Products, because of different duties or rights existing customs, and the different costs of transport


5. Purchase order

- Registration on the Website. To proceed with the purchase of one or more products, the Customer must register on the Web Site and provide the Seller with all the necessary data to enable him to execute the Order. The data will be processed pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (c.d. GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation), relating to the protection of personal data. The Seller may require the certificate of incorporation or other equivalent document, for the purpose of determining the exact identity of the Customer. The Seller received the Customer's data will send promptly an e-mail to the Customer, the content of which will indicate the authentication procedure, to allow them access to the Site in the part destined to online purchases, that contains the account and the password chosen by the Customer (the password may not be known by the Seller).

- Formulation of the Order. Purchase orders must be made exclusively online through the order procedure on this Site, exclusively to our Customers, as defined above in art. 1 (b)). The Customer can select products to purchase by placing them in the “Virtual shopping Cart”, which will always be able to view the content before forwarding the order. During the formulation stage of the order until the forwarding of the order, the Customer will be able to edit the data entered.

- Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale online. The Customer, with the sending of the order and the payment, you declare to have taken vision and to accept the General Conditions of Sale indicated on the Website and declares to have taken vision of all the indications supplied during the purchase procedure.

- The confirmation of the Order. The Seller received the order and will send an automatic e-mail on the e-mail account indicated by the Customer, containing confirmation of receipt of the Order. The Order Confirmation will summarize the products chosen by the Client, the customizations, the related prices (including delivery charges), order number, and then the seller will contact the customer to schedule with the Customer for the supply of the precious metal.

- Non-availability of the Products. The Seller does not guarantee the complete availability of the products included in the fact sheets on the Website. If the products are not available, the Seller will notify the Customer via e-mail and propose an alternative product. In case of impossibility to execute the delivery of the ordered products, the Customer has the right to a full refund of the sums paid.

- The conclusion of the Contract. The Contract is deemed concluded only when the Seller will send a separate e-mail with the acceptance of the proposed purchase that will also contain the information related to the shipment of the Product and the expected date of delivery (“Shipping Confirmation”). In the case where the order is fulfilled through several shipments, the Customer will receive Confirmations, Shipping separate.


6. The payment of the order

- Mode of payment. The Customer who buys will have to pay in advance using one of the following methods: Bank Transfer.

- Payment by bank transfer. Payment by bank transfer differs the execution of the contract at the time of actual crediting on the current account of the Seller. The Customer will receive an email with the bank details of the Seller on which to make the payment; the reason must enter the company name and order number.

- Time of payment and interest for late payment. The Customer will pay the full price of the Products ordered, including shipping costs and possibly the costs of the Precious Metal Chosen with the relative Fixing, subsequent to the forwarding of the Order. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the Customer shall pay within 1 (one) working days from the receipt of the “Order Confirmation” which will show the bank details on which to make the payment. In the case of non-payment, the Seller will ship the Products until payment in full of the same.

- Issuing invoices. The Seller shall issue an invoice and this will be attached to the Products delivered and/or sent in electronic format to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer with Shipping Confirmation. No variation of the tax documents may be made after the issuance of the same

- Property reserve. The Products remain the property of the Seller until full payment of the same including the shipping charges and payment mode. The Customer undertakes to refrain from any conduct or acts such as to prevent the exercise of the right of retention of title by the Seller. In the event that the Customer would impede the exercise of the right of reservation of ownership on the part of the Seller, he shall be entitled to revoke with immediate effect all orders accepted and not yet executed with the shipment of the Products.


7. Delivery of the Products

- Terms and conditions for shipping. The shipping of the orders is entrusted to express couriers that ensure the delivery in 24/48 hours. The delivery is done by courier to the ground floor unless otherwise agreed between the Seller and the Customer. The customer is responsible for the customs clearance of the goods and of every and any operation incidental thereto in addition to the payment of duties and taxes. The Seller performs the packaging for the shipment of the Products in the form deemed most appropriate and is not liable any damage, breakage, tampering and missing items that may occur after the release from its warehouses. Any claims or disputes arising out of or related to the transport and/or complementary operations and/or subsequent to it, must be proposed exclusively by the Customer against the carrier or any third party. The Seller is relieved of any responsibility in case of loss and ranges of the products are determined by the transport or manipulation is not accurate.

- Failure to collect the Products. In case it is not possible to complete the delivery for absence of the Customer at the address indicated, the courier will leave a notice or contact the Customer to arrange for a second delivery or to collect the goods at one of the nearest branch of the Courier.

- Failure or delay in delivery due to force majeure. The Seller is not responsible for non-delivery or delayed delivery due to causes of force majeure such as, but not limited to strikes, provisions of the Public Authority, rationing or shortage of energy or raw materials, transport difficulties, fire, flood, earthquakes, floods, wars, uprisings. The Seller will promptly notify the Customer the occurrence and the absence of a cause of force majeure.

- Instructions for collection of the goods. At the time of the receipt of the material and before signing the document to the Courier who delivers the goods, the Customer is obliged to check carefully that the number of packages delivered is consistent with those mentioned on the transport document. The Customer is also obliged to verify the physical state of the packages, checking that these have not been tampered with and/or damaged. For any problem, the Customer will insert the wording" ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE by entering the reason directly on the delivery document (for example: the neck is missing, neck broken, neck, tampered with, etc.). Omitting this procedure, the Customer Consumer has the right to claim damages to the carrier.


8. Guarantees

- Defects in the delivery. The Customer must report the existence of defects in the delivery in the term of forfeiture of 5 days from the date of delivery of the items via Email to the address After that date, the articles are deemed to be accepted. For the neutral products are among the defects of the delivery items do not work or which does not comply with the order sent for quantity, color, size etc For custom products are among the vices of supply articles with spelling errors or total illegibility of the logo or inscription. In any case, the Customer must send, at its own expense, the goods that are deemed non-compliant PREZIOSA DI STORRI E OKULICZ SRL – Via G. Ferraris, 252/A – 52100 AREZZO (ITALY). A subsequent control on the part of the Seller will determine if the goods can be made. If you will be found the non-conformity, the Seller undertakes to agree with the Client the way of a new supply of the same amount or, where applicable, the refund for the defective merchandise which will be carried out using the same means of payment used by the Customer at the time of payment of the order. In the event that the Seller does not become aware of imperfections, such as to justify the complaint, the goods remain at the Seller's premises awaiting collection by the Customer.

- The right of withdrawal. For professional Customers is not allowed the right of withdrawal, both for neutral products and for the custom ones. The right of withdrawal for the type of contract is not foreseen by the Italian law as a contract of the type "B2B", or between companies/corporations/entrepreneurs and does not find then that application of the law on the right of withdrawal provided for by the law on contracts to the “consumers”.

- Applicable law. The contract of sale between the Seller and the Customer is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian Law.